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On January 12, 2012, LadiSav came to mind to promote awareness, success tips, fashion tips, celebrity gossip, and most importantly women empowerment. LadiSav originated from the French word “Savoir”, which means to know. LadiSav can be best defined as A Lady That Knows.

LadiSav is the voice of the average young women today, which allows one to have fun, be glamorous, and be knowledgeable at the same time. Most of the time what we see in the media can be hard to relate to in an average woman’s life. How can we live our lives and be glamorous? Where can we find affordable trendy fashion? How can women become leaders and role models in every way? Outside of the media and celebrity gossip, it’s right back to reality.

LadiSav is a women empowerment site inspiring women to see and bring forth the strength and beauty within themselves, to be the best lady we be! LadiSav includes a Ladies Column, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion, Sex, Health Tips, Awareness, Relationship, A Man’s Thought and much much more!


  • EMPOWERING women of all races to pursue their dreams
  • INSPIRING the younger generation to promote awareness, diversity and current issues
  • REASSURING women that they are beautiful in their own skin
  • GETTING day to day scoop on celebrity gossip, fashion, health and many more tips
  • GIVING women a voice and different approach and outlook on life



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