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Building Your Hair Regimen; [Protein Treatment 101]

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Although deep conditioning is great for the hair, it is always good to have a balance to avoid moisture overload. I know all this is a plethora of information, but I promise you once you start your journey and learning your hair you will know exactly what it needs and all this information will be a piece of cake. This is just to show the steps to get a healthy hair regimen.

Protein Treatments are used for rebuilding the hair. Frequency of use depends on the strength of the treatment you are using and the level of damage you are attempting to correct. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for these products! Some protein reconstructors have specific time schedules and directions for use. Protein treatments should normally be used once a month. The light protein can be rotated during washes.

You need (1) protein treatment on the light to mild end of the spectrum for light touch ups and select another (1) protein treatment on the moderate to heavy end for more intense protein conditioning. Protein reconstructors should always be followed by moisturizing deep conditioners to restore moisture and pliability to the hair.

Examples of protein treatments: Joico K-Pac (mild), Aphogee 2 Min Keratin Recon. (mild/moderate), Elasta Qp Anti Breakage serum, LeKair Cholesterol (mild/moderate), Motions CPR(mild/moderate), Nexxus Emergencee (moderate), Nexxus Keraphix (moderate), ORS Mayo (moderate), Elucence Extended Moisture Repair, Affirm 5 n 1, Dudley’s DRC (heavy), Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair (heavy)


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My choice is the Aphogee 2step Treatment because, their line is great for relaxed hair. Stay tuned for the review.


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