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#HeartbreakHotel: How To Deal With A Broken Heart?

You ever realize how we never really deal with death? We mourn but we do not fully accept what has happened. It takes a sudden trip down memory lane or even a song that will send you sobbing to your knees finally accepting reality. Well let me be the first to break it to you, a lot of us do the same when it comes to relationships.

There’s an old saying, “The best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.” While that may temporarily ease the pain of your recent breakup, it can create more serious issues further down the road. Filling that empty void with a new person is not going to solve the fact that you still do not know how to handle a breakup, let alone learn what you truly deserve and how you should be treated. Not dealing with issues from your past can allow history to repeat itself if not handled correctly. In order to get through a breakup you have to learn to accept the fact that it is over. Denial can be dangerous, don’t go there. Bringing old pain into a new situation can hurt those around you who do not deserve it. Also, no one wants a woman that has been building up her body count due to her not dealing with failed relationships.

To get through a breakup can be very challenging, but you learn from it. One main reason some women feel they need to constantly be in a relationship is because they fear being alone. You have to learn to enjoy your own company before you enjoy the company of others. If you cannot learn to enjoy your own company than none of your relationships will last. Of course no one likes to be alone but being dependent on anyone else other than yourself when it comes to YOUR happiness will leave you disappointed.

Some feel it is nearly impossible to get over something that you have grown so accustomed to. Breaking habits and routines are extremely difficult, but NEVER impossible. We all know the heart wants what the heart “WANTS” but is it usually worth your sanity? The first step to getting over a breakup is starting fresh. Delete and get rid of EVERYTHING related to your ex that will bring you sadness and pain. This includes deleting text threads, numbers, throwing out ALL gifts, letters, and clothes. Anything associated with the hurt that you feel, needs to be gone to get rid of all negative energy that surrounds you. Like someone once told me, “It’s like burning down a bridge so that you won’t turn around to walk back across it.” Just like any other distraction, one of the best ways to get through something is simply talking about it. Although you may feel your friends are tired of you crying that same old song, your support system is one who rather hear that song than to watch you fall into the arms of someone who is only going to repeat the cycle. Another useful way of getting over a breakup is to find an outlet. An outlet can be a new craft that you may be interested in, something you already enjoy doing, or something you are passionate about like music, writing, dancing and more. These things help you grow as a person and creates good energy around you. Having good energy and vibes surround you is extremely important for your happiness.

In closing, we all have to learn to accept when reality hits because the longer you wait to deal with it the harder it will be to get through it.

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