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Honesty Hour: Is The “Backdoor” Necessary?


Today I need all of my ladies to come out of their shells. Yes there will be days where we all come out and admit to certain topics that I will be discussing with you. Today that topic is “Anal Sex.” Now I don’t know about you ladies, but the past used to be different. Guys never were interested in anal sex in fear of a woman’s bowels unexpectedly being released on them. Some girls used to be afraid to ever let a guy get that close to her bottom during sex because of the pain. No woman could ever bare to imagine the kind of pain that would bring, can you imagine losing your virginity TWICE??

anal sex

Now we are in an era where anal sex is just another form of sex that couples enjoy today. Could anal sex be the new way to spice up ones sex life in 2013? Is this another technique couples have become accustomed to, to keep things interesting in the bedroom? I can honestly say that in the past I have never expected to have such thoughts about having anal sex but now I look at it as regular sex so I have been more interested in it. Although I still have not tried it yet I am not against it, I am open to this new well accepted idea of sex.

anAlsexAnal_SexNow time for honesty hour; how many of my ladies ever tried anal sex before? There’s no need to be shy with me, I don’t judge and I’m one of the shyest females I know, hard to believe right? Well it’s true! But anyway, do my ladies agree with anal sex in the bedroom now? Are you girls for it or against it? What are your views on this newly accepted form of pleasure? Are there boundaries set if you are trying to attempt the new bedroom trend? I think it’s time for the ladies to express how they feel about this new idea. Oh and don’t think I forgot about my guys out there! Fellas, how do you feel about this new “position?” Are you guys interested in it now? Do you feel it is something you would be willing to try in the bedroom? Or is it just another one of those “things” someone made up out of boredom? If commenting anonymously helps then be my guest I just want you to feel comfortable confiding in Tiny =)



  1. Im a Guy & im personally i dnt feel anal sex is Necessary its kind of a lost art in sex . Actually only tried it once and i didnt like it..

  2. Chris (fuccn) Daddy

    Fuc* that! If we’re not married for a good solid ten years, We ain’t trying shit

    • lmao! okay Chris I need you to tone down on the cursing for me. Now why does your relationship have to be that deep in to try new things with your lady?

  3. Chris (fuccn) Daddy

    Cause that’s not something I would ever sign up for, so if I ever do it it has to be right (like losing my virginity all again)

  4. Chris (fuccn) Daddy

    Aigh you get on it and let me know

  5. God didn’t make a woman or man’s buttock for that. This is how so many new diseases are developing at a fast rate.

    Romans 10:15 New King James Version
    And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written:
    “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things! “

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