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Jason Derulo Address Break-Up Rumors: I Did NOT Get Another Woman Pregnant!


Just days after Amber and Wiz’s divorce, Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks called it quits. With the all rumors surrounding the couples’ split, Jason stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning to put the rumors to rest.

Read the highlights below:

Hot 97: What happened [with your relationship]?

So I thought it was important for me to clear the air because a lot of outlets are putting these allegations—that I got a particular shorty pregnant. Back in the day there was a picture taken and her hand was on my shoulder and it became this big thing on Media Takeout. So it became a thing back in the day.  Then we have our break up and all of a sudden I see the comment again. Now they’re saying she’s pregnant with my baby and I won’t stop texting her. I’m like that’s not even my style.

Hot 97: Before you wouldn’t have been a guy they make up stuff about, now you’re that guy. Is it weird?

Yeah, it’s so weird and it’s so detailed. It’s like yeah he went there and this place with her that night. Because if I was a consumer I would believe this so I felt like it was important for me to clear the air. Plus there’s a story that my new celebrity high I’m on, I’m moving in a new direction. That’s not true.

Hot 97: But that wasn’t it, it just run its course.

It was the situation that there was a lot of arguing going on, different pressures— marriage. Not just from her but just the world in general other sources.

Hot 97: You have a song and video called “Marry Me” and you have her in the video.

I wrote the song because of the pressure. I wanted to say, we have time, there’s no rush. When the time’s right I will say ‘will you marry me?’

Hot 97: Is there any chance you guys can reconcile or is it too far gone?

It’s not too far gone.

Hot 97: Is it too far gone from her, does she hate your guts?

I don’t know, I haven’t talked to her in a little minute.

Hot 97: How long did you guys date?

Three years.

Hot 97: When’s the last time you talked to her?

Like two weeks ago.

Hot 97: What was the last conversation?


[At] dinner we had an argument and that argument did it for me. After that point I didn’t want to talk to her at all. It was the last straw.

Hot 97: Was she a virgin when you guys met?


Watch his interview in full below:

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