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Lady V ‘s Motivation: Stepping Out

We are surrounded by people every where we go and it can be hard to step out and leave the crowd behind at times. Very few people take the road less traveled but when you stay longer in the wrong path than you’re supposed to, when you mold yourself into something you’re not, when you let go of your truth to fit into some else’s scenario and not yours, you become a fake and deny your true identity and purpose. As if to say, God did not do a good job creating you. God does not give us what we want but He gives us opportunities to get what we want. And one of the things you will have to do is be happy with how He created you and you can’t be afraid to leave some things and some people behind.

There will be folks who are uncomfortable with what you are doing, and unfortunately, some of them will be people you care about. It’s okay, just pursue your dreams and goals without anyone’s approval. Pretty soon, you’re going to start noticing new people coming into your life whose hearts sing on your behalf. This year, I realize I wasn’t meant to fit in a crowd, I wasn’t mean to follow anyone, I stand out and I had to be ok with that. When things shift for me I had to move on. I had to realize that my atmosphere was and is changing. Although it’s scary to step into the unknown I really needed to do just that step out.

None of us can entirely escape the influence of our past because “our history prepares us for our destiny.” But there will be a point where you will need to leave the crowd and step out. Sometime people tend to make you feel bad for being different, not following the trends and wanting something better out of your life. But those people are not really there to build you up so you shouldn’t be around them anyway. My advice to you is “don’t apologize to anyone for who you are, for what you want nor for what you already have.”  You see time has expanded and I see my future bright and limitless regardless of what anyone says or thinks and you should definitely do the same.





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