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Meet Tabitha “Tabby” Turnier, LadiSav.com‘s site manager and also contributing writer/blogger for the Fashion, & Editorial Event Exclusives. The 21 year old Berkeley College senior majoring in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing, is a self acclaimed “lover of things that feed the soul” who has hopes to become an editor at a major fashion based, or entertainment publication someday. Tabby takes pride in her creativity and believes her purpose has no limits! Through hard work, and perseverance she believes she can pursue whatever her heart desires while helping others in the process.

IG & Twitter: @mindmybeezness


Meet Jessicah! Blogger covering Political News. A passionate politically savvy, young communications professional who loves writing and inspiring others. She’s an Optimist, Aspiring world traveler and a Lover of life.

IG & Twitter: @jessadoreher


Meet Naisha! Our Sex Blogger and Relationship Expert. Naisha loves to write and bowl on her days off. She is also a radio personality for her radio show titled ‘The Confessional’. Along with Journalism, she hopes to become bigger than Angie Martinez and Wendy Williams in radio. Check out her radio show each and every Saturday from 8 pm – 10 pm. #TheConfessional

IG & Twitter: @50shadesof_nai


Meet Jamice Miller! Blogger/Writer covering Women Complimenting Women. She is a 21-year-old senior majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Psychology at the University at Albany. Her passion is singing and writing as well as just experiencing new places and meeting new people. She hopes to take this WCW and see it at huge events such as Black Girls Rock! and the Centric network!

IG & Twitter: @cavaltii


Meet Andie! Blogger covering our HAIR section. She is not a guru, but she does live and breathe anything about hair. She LOVES poetry! Andie graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelors in Psychology. She also graduated from Monmouth University with a Masters in Social Work“I always put God first, with prayer anything is possible.”


IG & Twitter: @hairjadore


Meet music blogger/singer-songwriter Tammy Hendrix! A Music lover who seeks to remain outside of the box with her different writing styles. You can catch Tammy with her headphones on or a notebook in hand. Tammy enjoys being a Socialite, Attending music events, and of course Blogging! Her dreams of becoming a songwriter continues to push her and her love for music.


IG & Twitter: @Tammy_Hendrix & @_TammyHendrix_



Meet Jessica Dèsirè covering Sports and Celebrity News. She has a degree in English with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Putting her savvy skills and personality to use after college, she started her own blog titled “Desired Scoop.” Her straight to the point blog is a place to get all you need to know about hot topics in sports, fashion and entertainment (desiredscoop.wordpress.com). Her goal is  to enlighten women about sports and report on the sideline of sporting events.

IG & Twitter: @urroyalswagness


Meet Yasmeen! She is an 18-year girl with big dreams. Yasmeen is an Aspiring Radio Personality, Blogger and Social Media Specialist for LadiSav. Like almost all teenagers, she love love love celebrity gossip and on your lunch breaks you will too! Allow Yasmeen to be your plug to all of your popular Celebrity Gossip! She also would love to bring to you the trendiest celebrity styles of the week! Who was hot, and who flopped?

IG & Twitter: @Yassyyas_


Meet Dana Boyd! Blogger/Writer covering Relationships/Behind These Eyes. A 20-year-old sophomore majoring in Journalism at the Saint Peter’s University and also Culinary Arts. Aiming to combine her two biggest passions in  hopes to becoming a world-renowned food critic. She enjoys cooking, writing,  and being a great listener by helping others sort through life changes.

IG & Twitter: @p3rfectly_me


Meet Tracy Reynolds, the fashion blogger for LadiSav. She is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fashion Business Management. She loves all things fashion. Tracy has always been a hard worker. She does not believe in giving up and really believes that everyone should follow their dreams. Tracy is an aspiring entrepreneur and hopes to start her very own full service Fashion PR Agency.

IG & Twitter: @tracylrey

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