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Motivational Monday: Don’t Force It

Don’t Force It…

As you focus on yourself in this season, please don’t force things to happen. It’s one thing to be ambitious, but to be pushy is another. When something or even someone is yours, you have to let it happen naturally. Trying to force it can and will lead you into a big mess or a heartbreak.

No matter how bad you want to get that promotion, be in a relationship with the man you think you love or you want that perfect family togetherness, sometimes the answer is “not right now, not this way or just plain NO.”  We all would like to be in control and have things work out our way. But, we must realize that we are only in control of our own actions (sometimes not even that). You basically have no control over the cause or effects of anything outside of yourself. You don’t know what someone else is really feeling or thinking and certainly can’t control their actions.

What happens when you force it is frustration and pointing the blame because the outcome is not what you expected. But instead, when it doesn’t happen your way know that there is likely something better out there for you. This happen to me in a position that I applied for a few years back. At first, I did not get the position, but was later offered a different role that lead me to be the general manager in less than 2 years. A position that I gave myself four to five years to even apply for. My interviewer saw more of me and her suggestion gave me a bigger opportunity. I didn’t have to force anything nor show her something I’m not.

In forcing it,  you will never know the abilities you possess and will miss many opportunities to meet some really good people. Don’t push yourself in people’s faces, don’t become someone you are not to impress others. Don’t manipulate any situations to make things look like they are not. Don’t try to win people over the wrong way. Let them see you and love you for who you really are. If not, you will only be creating a trap for yourself. The journey/process to accomplish anything is what makes reaching the goal worth it. So don’t force life to happen, let it flow, it will work out on it’s own.




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