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New Item: Outre Simply Non-Processed Brazilian Hair


I took a trip yesterday to the beauty supply store, my aunty needed some fancy hair extensions. Personally if it doesn’t grow from my scalp there is nothing fancy about it but the wrapper. We went to MiMi’s on Main Street in Orange NJ, I know the owner so we started talking about all these so called virgin/Unprocessed hair extensions.

He started showing me some of his new shipments of virgin hair. When he pulled out the ‘Outre Simply Brazilian hair’ it caught my attention because it was only $53.99 for one 16″ bundle while some of the packaged processed hair in the store run for $70.00 and up for a 12″. I couldn’t believe it, took the hair, i analyzed it, it is very very soft, has a natural color, its in a cute bundle wrapped individually. I definitely wanted to try it, i never had ‘fancy’ hair before that would have been my first. The hair feels very nice, is it really virgin? who knows. My aunt purchased it so ill definitely come back for a review.


If you have heard or tried this hair, Please let a sister know the pros and cons!


  1. I love this Outré virgin/unprocessed hair. There’s nothing like buying good hair on a budget. I was looking to purchase bundled hair at the last minute and couldn’t get over night shipping. Mimi’s beauty supply saved my life, it’s soft, easy to color, reverts to wavy & has bounce. Go for it! Highly recommended…

  2. Andie of HairJ'adore

    Wow thank you so much. I will definitely keep that in mind

  3. I’ve just purchased this hair from my local beauty supply store and I can’t wait to have it installed and post my thoughts. Since the hair is sort of new, there are not many reviews out yet. But from first appearances it seems to be really good hair.

    • Andie of HairJ'adore

      Hey Tam,
      Yes please share when you get a chance. I have it to but i wont use it until August and I’m thinking about bleaching my for an Ombre effect so I will definitely share that!! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I just bought this hair today in a 16 and 18, will have it installed on wednesday, so far i love the feel and the color. I paid 70 and 80 (with a discount), judging by your prices, looks like hair costs alot more up here in detroit. My beauty supply girl (who is also my very good friend) told me that it has been selling alot, and that people so far love it. she said that it will have split ends like any natural hair, and she said not to brush it alot, just run your fingers through it. My weavologist has never had any experience with it, but i am confident in her abilities. I will post again next week with my thoughts 🙂
    take care and enjoy!

  5. I just had it installed and I got to tell yuh….. It’s amazing. I don’t ever wrap my hair for bed. It so soft and angle free! I’m getting married next year and this is gonna be my chosen hair for my special day. Best hair iv ever used and believe me when I say this…… I weave quite alot and have used alot of ‘quality’ bundle hair and by far more expensive. This one is my best!

    • Andie of HairJ'adore

      Hey Keish,
      Wow that’s very good to know its worth the money and its not even that expensive compared to all these other virgin hair companies. Congrats on the engagement!

  6. I love love love this hair. I bought it at the beauty supply store by my house, and I was kind if skeptical about buying it because of the price, but I love it. It is really soft and flat irons bone straight. I will definitely buy this hair again

  7. i saw this hair at my local bss a couple days ago in memphis. the price caught my eye because it was inexpensive to be virgin hair. i was told by sevreral ppl that buying virgin hair form a bss was not a wise decision so i was going to stick to remi human hair. i am sort of dumb founded when it comes to weave so anyone let me know if it is real “virgin” hair because the pack says “remi” brazilian o_O tnx in advance:)

    • Andie of HairJ'adore

      Hey Cornflower08,
      Well based on the previous comments this hair is a win win. But if you really looking into finding out if its real,one way to test virgin hair is to wash and condition it and if if stayed in it natural state than its virgin. You can also Google and youtube other ways to test. Touching and feeling the hair is another way but you have to really know weave.
      Good luck hun!

  8. I got this hair 3 weeks ago! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS HAIR. The worst issue I have is the tangling and matting. I’m very disappointed in this hair. I’m very sure this hair is processed. I would not recommend it.

  9. Please see Ladena’s note above. I couldn’t agree more. Don’t be fooled by the initial feel. Despite how the hair looked and felt originally, it really does tend to mat and tangle. It’s way more work than I was anticipating. If you’re not extremely careful, you could end up with a Brillo pad after washing and conditioning–even if you follow the instructions for maintenance. I’m sorely disappointed. You truly get what you pay for.

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