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No Strings Attached: 5 Ways to Maintain a Friends with Benefits Relationship


Friend with benefits or FWB- A friend with whom one has casual sex with no expectation of forming a deep emotional attachment.

With that being said I’m gone to list the top five easiest ways to make your friends with benefits relationship beneficial for both the male and female involved.

  1. Choose wisely. The person you choose to engage in this type of relationship with needs to be someone you find fairly easy to get along with. You guys should see eye to eye on certain topics like sexual desires and how you spend your time together. Matters of love, relationships and companionship don’t really need to be discussed or agreed upon in this type of relationship. This person should be someone you feel comfortable enough with to discuss any and every topic with. Your FWB doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you discuss your hopes and dreams or politics with, they just need to be open minded and willing to share some their sexual wants and desires with you and vice versa. You should be fairly attracted to this person (physically) a mental connection serves no purpose in this friendship. Have any one in mind yet?
  2. Don’t catch feelings. This maybe hard to believe but in any partnership between two people who share any type of attraction for one another someone is bond to catch feelings. Don’t. This is the easiest way to ruin your FWB relationship. Expect one thing and one thing only from your friend. Once either of you cross the line of having greater expectations from the other party things are bound to go downhill from there. If you’re feelings start to get tingled the best things to do is ignore them and end thing between you and your FWB or continue to be honest with your FWB and talk to him or her about it. The only down side about this is if your FWB doesn’t share the same feelings you can’t be upset because the two of you had an understanding when you decided to begin this relationship.
  3. Meet and greets. When making plans to spend time with your beneficial friend let the reasoning behind your meeting be known.  It is okay for you and your FWB to have occasional meet and greets in public weather it just be for drinks or to grab a bit to eat before your late night festivities begin but under no circumstance should you and your FWB go out on dates.
  4. No dating. Dating your FWB will turn your relationship upside down. Remember a FWB is meant to be temporary. There is no reason why your FWB needs to hang around your friends or family in this type of relationship. If you start to date or bring your FWB around your social circle they’ll start to become a part of your daily routine, and you’ll start creating a long-term connection.
  5. Keep your relationship in the bedroom. The two of you are obviously mature enough to embark on the challenge of taking on this FWB relationship so live it up. Explore each other’s desires and wildest imaginations. That’s what this relationship is meant for. Don’t feel any remorse or regrets regarding the actions you and your FWB partake in. Do practice safe sex. Regardless of whom you’re sleeping with, it’s crucial to be careful with your FWB. Your FWB could have multiple partners because he is not bound to you. Even though it is not your place to ask how many people your FWB might be involved with, it is your place to make sure you protect yourself under ever circumstance.


So there you have it, the 5 Ways to make your friends with benefits relationship work. Good Luck.


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