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Rookie Mistakes When Using Condoms


Ladies, men aren’t the only ones who should take caution in what kind of condoms to get. You have to make sure the condom isn’t too big or small and is the perfect type or consequences will need to be dealt with.

A condom that is too tight can cause it to bust when he ejaculates and someone will be planning a baby shower soon. Condoms that are too loose and it might slip off during sex and get lost. TRUST ME IT HAPPENS! Don’t get too fancy. All this means is all these “designer” condoms and condoms with special effects are not necessary.


Many of you may not know but a loose condom can be just as dangerous as a tight one. I, myself have had a bad experience with this. An ex of mine went big with his ego and got carried away. He should have left it at his ego and not the condom. Things got “hot & heavy” and the condom pulls a Houdini. The condom disappears because he “didn’t realize it slipped off” and kept going. We noticed this when it was too late. After we were done I seen him looking all over the bed with this confused look on his face. That’s when he tells me he believes it got buried in my “treasure chest“. Yeah, blame me, go figure. Trying to catch it before it slides too far up, I began to feel the worst abdominal pain a female can imagine. I guessed that’s what contractions felt like. It was too late, it had already got pushed too far up since this happened during the sex. I never knew condoms did magic tricks until that night. Now I went through pain and torture of trying to remove the condom all because I allowed him to be gassed.

These fancy condoms are NOT what they seem to be either. For instance the “Fire & Ice” condom that is supposed to stimulate both sexes with the warm and cold sensation that comes from the condom. The same big ego ex of mine thought this condom would “heat” things up in the bedroom, well he was wrong AGAIN. The “warmth” that was supposed to send chills through my body, was a little more hot than expected. The fire part on my end was so uncomfortable that I had to stop him 5 minutes in.

See ladies, it’s important to be a part of the condom buying process. You don’t have to go with him to buy the condoms, but the two of you should have an understanding and agreement to what type of condoms you will be using.


  1. Yesss.! Its very important for the guy and girl to take part in condom choice. Weather it be size or brand both of you need to feel safe and secure during your sexual encounter with one another. I love this article. ITS BETTER TO BE AWARE THEN TO LOOK LIKE A DAMN DUMMY WHEN ITS ALL SAID AND DONE.

    • lol thanks! Yes you’re right because I know a few people who have had similar mistakes because of their lack of interest in what condoms to use. This is very important for safety/health reasons.

  2. Yessss! Every female should participate with the condom shopping . some of these young men out here put on a front when really their a size under . Tiny you did ya thing with is one boo.

    • lol yesssss. We all know men love bragging about their “ego” instead of keeping it real. It saves them the embarrassment and us the surprise of what’s to come, or not lol. Thank love!

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