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Sunny Nights…. Oh What A Sight


Her smile of delight as she drifts off to “once upon a time” land. . .

Hair scent of lavender, sweet almond and coconut. Color shade brown as the beach’s wet sand.
Still warm rested body. Supple butter soft skin .A chunky pairs of hands. .
One of course, tucked under my chin.. .
The other though, gently stroking my elbow ?.
She loves it. Gets a kick out of it. Me, I just don’t get it.
But, its one of her favorite weird fetishes.Yea she has a few. Wonder where she gets them from ?

I personally have no clue . Question ?Do you?
Answer . Duh! . Its me!
Meaningless to plead the fifth since I’m life sentenced with , and already found guilty. Of such a genius crime. To pro create another version greater than I plus her time. I found my favorite pillow.
Hand made, genuine and most importantly, all mine. .

Dedicated to my Sunlight . Ziia.


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