Top 30 Sex Positions To Die For!



These top 30 positions will keep things interesting in the bedroom and keep you fit. Now I don’t know if you ladies heard, but sex is a good workout now and days, if you’re doing it right of course. These Kama Sutra positions are excellent ways to stay in shape while pleasing your man at the same time. Don’t get lazy in the bedroom girls, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND all 30!

Butter ChurnerCouch SurferGift WrappedIron Chef

Butter Churner            Couch Surfer                 Gift Wrapped                        Iron Chef

Lazy Man           Mans Best Friend      Mountain Climber       Pole Position

Lazy Man                    Man’s Best Friend      Mountain Climber       Pole Position

reverse cowgirl    Seated Wheelbarrow      Shoulder Holder    Sixty-Nine

Reverse Cowgirl     Seated Wheelbarrow    Shoulder Holder     Sixty-Nine

Stairway to Heaven     Stand and DeliverStanding Wheelbarrow

Stairway to Heaven        Stand and Deliver         Standing Wheelbarrow

I know I said 30 and I always keep my word. Here are the list of the other 15 positions that were a little too explicit for some of our viewers –> The Crouching Tiger, The Hero, Deep Impact, The Plough, Galley, Snail, Prison Guard, Lotus Blossom, The Mermaid, Crossed Keys, Hinge, Launch Pad, Big Dipper, Organ Grinder, and The Challenge. Well don’t just sit there and wonder what they are, go finish your research and be safe!

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    i enjoy all sex positions


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