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Transformational Tuesdays: Focus on You and Your Hard Places



Hard places…

As you focus on you in this season, one thing I would advise is to never forget to look at the hard places in your life. The hard places are areas where you have struggled, are struggling and may never have victory in this particular thing or trait.

For example, I can be classified as someone who think she knows everything. It can be taken as a negative and some may not like this trait about me, but that’s ok. It’s not really that I think I know everything it’s just that I am very opinionated and I’m not afraid to share. What I need to work on is the delivery of my opinion.

At work this past week, one of my staff members asked me what was the best property I ever worked for? And my answer was absolutely shocking to them.  I’ve worked at different locations, but the one I explained to them had a reputation of being the worst. I mean it used to be run down, equipment always fallen apart, employees just could not get it right, lowest customer service scores you name it, it was that. I told them the reason why I picked that particular location is because after working there I feel as though I could work anywhere and that’s why it was the best. It boost up my confidence, it taught me how to solve problems, ways to bring stubborn people together and creative ways to keep the staff motivated.

I’m telling you, don’t despise that hard place in your life, don’t let it discourage you. It’s not the easy flow of things that strengthens you. It’s the difficulties that builds your courage and prepares you. They are the best places to learn and develop your skills. If you can make it through the worst time of your life then the best times will be a piece of cake. So focus on you and your hard places, it’s all part of making you better…



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