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Transformational Tuesdays: The Next Phase

The Next Phase…

How do you figure that out? Thinking about it gives you a sense of direction and moving on when bad things happen. It helps you to think and imagine of better days to come. When you’ve made some great accomplishments, you have the urge to tackle on what’s next. Some of us  just want to move up that ladder as fast as possible with no looking back. None of these are wrong, it’s good to have some ideas on what you’d like to be doing and how you want to live in the years to come. But to figure what’s next we have to first learn to be happy and content with where we are.

We often worry to much about the next phase, where to go, what to do and who to do it with. Some of us are never really happy with our present condition and always looking for a move. But some events in life are a series of changing cycles and if you don’t graduate you may repeat. And without some contentment, you can’t really move on to what’s next. Contentment reminds you of where you’ve been, enjoyment of where you are, and belief that you are going some where great.

Not knowing what’s next can be troublesome, but look at your past and see all that you’ve survived. As women, some of us have dealt with child abuse, rape, domestic violence and so much more. Acknowledging the turmoil and pain is important for continue growth. But you made it, you’ve grown and matured from it. As you continue to live your life and work hard something wonderful happens to YOU. So don’t interrupt the flow, be happy and enjoy the moment. The rhythm of the waves will carry you into the currents of life and as you are content, the next phase as already began…


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